Two Sunshine-filled days in DC…

Ok, half of one, actually, but who’c counting?

Happy Sunshine Week, all! I attended FOI Day festivities at the Newseum yesterday, and today was a panelist on reducing FOI backlogs at the Collaboration for Government Secrecy’s FOI Day. Now, as I loiter in the airport waiting to go home, a thought struck me: we are closing to real transparency in a whole lot of the federal government than we EVER have been before.

Before you accuse me wearing my rose-colored Obama glasses, consider what the administration, working closely with transparency groups, has accomplished thus far, from the Holder memo reversing the Ashcroft-Gonzalez regime to, the Open Government Directive, etc., etc. This is not a partisan deal, people: this bunch just gets after it, and they understand it, and they want it to be a lasting legacy. Obama’s transparency czar, Norm Eisen, was practically giddy talking about this stuff.

Here’s a link to the White House blog with all the pertinent documents mentioned above. Eisen is becoming quite the blogger!

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