Rav rave: Get copies of company complaints to FTC

I rave about Michael Ravnitzky (mikerav@verizon.net). He’s gathered thousands of federal records and knows his way around FOIA probably more than anyone else. He recently posted tips on the FOI Listserv on how to get copies of complaints against companies that have been filed with the Federal Trade Commission. This is how, in his words:

“Just send a letter, fax or email to:

Freedom of Information Act Request
Office of General Counsel
Federal Trade Commission
600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20580
Fax number for the FOIA branch is (202) 326-2477
The e-mail address is FOIA@FTC.GOV

In the letter indicate that you would like copies of complaints mentioning a
particular company or companies, or any organization.

Or else, in your letter, indicate you would like a copy of complaints
mentioning a particular product or keyword.

If you are a news media requester, you should identify that fact and that
the request is being submitted for news reporting purposes.”

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