Albuquerque Embraces Data Transparency

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A nice look at Albuquerque’s new openness initiative

New Mexico ranked 44th among states in the latest transparency rankings by the Sunshine Review. The City of Albuquerque is trying to change that.

The state’s largest city recently unveiled its ABQ View website, which provides a comprehensive look at how the city collects and spends its money.

“ABQ View puts our city government at the forefront of what open government should look like for cities around the country,” Mayor Richard Berry said when he announced the site in August. “I fully expect the public and media to scrutinize and thoroughly examine this data now that it is easily accessible and searchable online,” he said.

In a section titled, “Where Do My Taxes Go,” the site offers breakdowns on city spending in categories such as Budget, City Checkbook, City Contracts and Graded Employee Hourly Rates. Other sections provide details on political contributions to city officials, city employee travel expenses and current audits and investigations. Another section lists the city’s building projects.


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