Let’s Call It A Sunlight Party…


This is beyond awesome....


Does this feel as good to you as it does to me????

Bob Aagard said he had never before organized a political rally. But he was so upset about a bill that the Legislature passed quickly last week to shield more records from public disclosure that he arranged one for Tuesday at the Capitol Rotunda.

“Most of the opposition that I saw coming to HB477 was from the news media, but I knew a lot of other people opposed it, too,” he said. “It affects everyone. I wanted to show that.”

So the part-time events service worker used social media to call for the rally, and about 200 people came. Almost all of the speakers were from good-government groups — not the news media.

They chanted “veto, veto,” urging Gov. Gary Herbert to veto the bill, and held signs such as “Hiding something?” “Only a cockroach is afraid of light,” and “Sunshine, not secrecy.”

Kim Burningham, chairman of Utahns for Ethical Government, said that the Legislature recalling the bill Monday to extend its effective date to July 1 does not fix the measure. Lawmakers have said that will provide time to negotiate any needed fixes that then could be passed in a special legislative session in June.

“We do not need a pacifier on HB477. We need a veto,” Burningham, a former legislator, said to cheers. “This bill is a severe restriction on the public’s right to know and reduces the concept of freedom of information to a mere shell of its former self.”


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