Another Nasty Little FOI Exemption On Tap, This Time in Georgia

Secret economic development deals, anyone? Sweetheart tax deals, land giveaways, and who knows what else could be wrapped up and placed under the tree?

The Coastal Courier in Georgia has the scoop:

Isn’t there enough secrecy in government? Apparently not, according to Sen. Jeff Mullis, R-Chickamauga, who earlier in the current legislative session introduced a bill that would curtail transparency in government by allowing governmental and quasi-governmental agencies to keep certain information from the public.
Under the legislation, dubbed SB 159, entities such as city councils, county commissions and development authorities would not have to disclose what businesses and industries they might be working to attract and how they might plan to use taxpayers’ money to court these businesses.

The language in Senate Bill 159 actually first reared its head six years ago in a similar measure, House Bill 218, which passed in the House but died in the Senate amid much public outcry.

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