Sunshine Week Linkapalooza!

LOTS of Sunshine Week stuff today, as the festivities are leavened with a fresh batch of outrage over some terrible legislative proposals…

Back to Utah’s (or Utahkistan, as one wag called it today), here is a nice page that keeps track of everything related to HB477.

And SPJ handed out its first-ever Black Hole Award to….Utah Gov. Gary Herbert for plunging their state into an abyss of secrecy through the most regressive piece of freedom of information legislation in recent history.

In Maryland, someone FINALLY has begun paying attention to the dreadful HB37, currently in the Maryland State Senate and awaiting a final vote, which seeks to limit the ability to procure records in the public domain with expensive fees, redaction of vital metadata and access determined by third-party custodians acting in the interest of government.

Ohio’s auditor vows to ramp up scrutiny of compliance with that state’s access laws…

The Cleveland Plain Dealer certainly gave him something to work on, as its Sunshine Week audit shows the City Hall moves at a glacial pace at granting FOI requests:

Cleveland City Hall is notorious among Plain Dealer reporters and others in town for its slow response to records requests, so for Sunshine Week, we decided to use the records law to measure just how slow Cleveland is.

On Feb. 2, we asked City Hall for records that track public-records requests. We’re still trying to get all the information.

Illinois lawmakers are celebrating Sunshine Week by trying to limit the number of requests citizens can make, in the latest state attempt to punish “vexatious” users.

The Seattle Times runs a nice column on bringing the federal FOIA into the digital age…

And finally, the Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on the effectiveness of FOIA today with some of the FOI movement’s best and brightest testifying.

Whew! That is a busy day in the land of Sunshine…

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  1. […] legend Charles Davis provides a great roundup of Sunshine Week highlights for today, including today’s hearing, at the Art of Access […]

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