Who Knew There Was a Privacy Interest in Flying First Class On Taxpayer Dole?

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From a great AP story looking at denials and delays under FOIA….

The AP asked the Justice Department for records showing how much the U.S. spent during the last five years on first-class and business travel for government witnesses who testify in federal cases. The department quickly denied the request, saying it couldn’t release the records without permission of the government witnesses or proof they had died. It also cited reasons of personal privacy and the need to protect law enforcement records.

AP appealed the decision, arguing that the Justice Department wasn’t obeying Obama’s order in January 2009. The president told agencies to adopt a presumption in favor of disclosure. AP said the government was forcing AP to show that it was entitled to the records, when the burden of proof was on the government to show why revealing the costs would invade the privacy of witnesses.

This is way, way beyond insane.


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