Yeehaw! Huge Win In Wyoming for FOI

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The Wyoming Supreme Court ruled today that the salaries of individual school district employees are a matter of public record.

The state’s high court upheld a Laramie County District Court decision in favor of Cheyenne Newspapers, Inc., which publishes the Wyoming Tribune Eagle.

The newspaper in a letter dated Dec. 11, 2009 requested the school district to provide records with district employee names and their salaries.

The request was made under the Wyoming Public Records Act.

The school district denied the request, citing a provision in the Wyoming Education Code that requires the district to publish the salaries of employees by category without reference to the names of individual employees.

The district contended the statute makes it unlawful to disclose individual salaries by name.

The supreme court adopted unanimously the ruling by District Judge Michael Davis, who wrote that construction of the statute as the district suggests “would leave the court with no rational explanation as to why the legislature would want to treat school district employees differently than employees of other public entities.”


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