Did Missouri’s Former Treasurer Break the Law? The Case of the Missing Entirety of an Administration…

St. Louis Beacon

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This from the St. Louis Beacon, advancing its initial story, which was followed by Politico yesterday, on our state’s fascinating story of the week:

The national Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee today accused former Missouri Treasurer Sarah Steelman of possibly breaking state law because she may have taken more than her personal effects when she left office in January 2009.

A spokesman for the DSCC acknowledged in an interview that it had sent an open-records request to current state Treasurer Clint Zweifel’s office for emails, official schedules and other items pertaining to Steelman’s four years in office.

But here is the best part:

Steelman’s old records are to be retained up to three years, depending on the document, and stored in the state Archives, which is under the jurisdiction of Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan.

But according to Zweifel’s spokesman Jon Galloway today, Carnahan’s staff –and a senior employee with the state Archives — reported that no such documents existed from Steelman’s tenure.

Galloway provided the Beacon with a copy of an email from the Archives confirming that “the Archives does not have any records from the Treasurer’s office for the 2005-2009 years.”

It has no records? None? None? Wow…….

I keep getting a mental image of one of those big rental storage cubes, piled high with bankers’ boxes, for some reason.


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