Today’s Logical Leap of the Day, Brought to You By WSB-TV

This is a gem. From WSB in Atlanta:

The State Attorney General Sam Olens told Channel 2 Action News that someone is using a local student to request information that could aide in a terrorist attack on local law enforcement.

The Georgia International Law Enforcement Program at Georgia State University is a program that sends local officers abroad to learn from international officers, including Israelis, about fighting terrorism. Officers also teach international officers about civil rights and how to deal with protesters.

Recently, a Georgia State student group, the Progressive Student Alliance, submitted an open records request asking for information on the GILEE program, including the names of officers, where they were training and what, specifically, they were learning.

Olens told Channel 2 Action News anchor John Bachman that information was not only sensitive, but could be potentially deadly.

Tim Dalton with the Progressive Student Alliance told Bachman, “I’m not a terrorist. I’m a student. I’m a student that is concerned about programs in my community, which is the Georgia State community.”

And from there, we have the leap:

Olens told Bachman what the group is requesting goes beyond basic knowledge of the program and poses a security threat.

“Students have the right to expression, they have rights under the First Amendment like everyone else, but when you are specifically asking for data that explicitly harm law enforcement, that is no longer naive or innocent,” said Olens.

Olens suggested someone is using the Georgia State students to obtain this information.

Bachman asked Olens, “Who has been prompting these students to make these request?”

“I’m not going to speculate,” replied Olens.

“But do you think it’s somebody bigger?” asked Bachman.

“Absolutely. Students don’t wake up one morning and say I wonder where the Dunwoody police officers are receiving training in Israel on terrorism. I wonder where the bus starts from and goes to on day four of the program. I don’t think that is something a student groups comes up with,” said Olens.

So, we have a student group asking about the propriety of a campus-based entity that sends law enforcement officers from the Atlanta ‘burbs off to foreign lands to teach and learn. Could it be cover for a nice junket? Sure could? Could it be a completely legitimate, heart-warming story about officers training officers? Sure could. That’s called scrutiny, boys. It’s a really good part of democracy…keeps people accountable and all that.

The leap was buried so deeply, though, that it takes a minute to find. Do you see it?

“…someone is using a local student to request information that could aide in a terrorist attack on local law enforcement.”

Really? How? By releasing information about the groups who have already been on the trips? How does that endanger a soul? The only argument that can close that hole is the time-worn trope that ANY release of ANY information about this suddenly top-secret operation endangers them IMMEDIATELY. I ain’t buying.

Oh! and the best part? Look at the cutline under the video:

Students Ask For Information That Could Aid Terror Attack

Wow. Way to swallow the BS, WSB.


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