PR apparatchiks running wild in Washington…

Kathryn Foxhall is a one-woman army. Her blog, PR Office Censorship, is a fresh source of outrage, compiling incident after incident of government minders straight out of a bad Banana Republic…

Her latest?

The Department of Health and Human Services last week released a media policywhich makes it official that staff members and reporters are forbidden to speak to each other without reporting to public information officers and supervisors.
Although over the last 10-20 years HHS and many of its agencies have prohibited staff members not to speak to reporters without PIO oversight, this is apparently the first time in history the agency has put it in writing.
The policy says, “In order to make certain we provide the media the best possible service and information in a timely fashion, it is important that the relevant agency public affairs office be notified of all media calls/contacts that employees receive about their HHS work.”
It further says, “When approached by a reporter, HHS employees should work with their immediate supervisor and coordinate with the appropriate public affairs office/personnel in their agency.”
This, folks, is ridiculous, and Foxhall is organizing a long-overdue pushback. Subscribe to her blog today and start fighting back.

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