Thirteen people, 12 of them Lime Rock Fire District residents, have filed suit against the Lime Rock, Rhode Island, Fire District, Chief Frank Sylvester, and record keeper Lesley Heaton, alleging “hundreds” of knowing and willful violations of the Access to Public Records Act.

Among the documents requested were Sylvester’s employment contracts, his e-mails, proof that the chief had received permission to garage his personal vehicles on public property over 23 years as he has claimed, and proof that the chief accepted an appointment to become the state’s fire marshal on a ‘leave of absence’ temporary basis as he has claimed…

Monday’s lawsuit is the latest chapter in the ongoing controversy of Chief Sylvester and his years-long effort to skirt Pawtucket’s higher car tax rate by registering his personal vehicles at his place of work in Lincoln.

Last year the Rhode Island State Police determined that the chief was breaking the law by registering his cars at the Lime Rock Fire Department, but did not press charges in the matter. The state police left it up to Pawtucket officials to “determine if any further action to collect (those) taxes from Chief Sylvester is appropriate.”

Pawtucket city officials have said they want to pursue back taxes from Sylvester for the years he wrongfully paid them to Lincoln.

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