Engage discussion

FOI Web multimedia and cartoons

Sometimes it’s nice to have some visual material to break up the lecture or enhance a syllabus. Here are some interesting online Flash presentations and videos regarding FOI:

  • Do you suffer from Congressional Data Frustration (CVF)? Try Sunlightalinazinosec!

September 2007, Sunlight Foundation


  • Democracy in Jeopardy!

2007, OpenTheGovernment.org


  • Are we Safer in the Dark?

2006, OpenTheGovernment.org


  • (Classified) clip about (classified)

2007, The Onion


  • Save the e-mail records from deletion!

2007, Missouri Democratic Party


FOI News for discussion fodder

It helps to raise current FOI issues during class to spur discussion. Here are some Web sites and blogs that post FOI news:

SPJ FOI blog                                            http://blogs.spjnetwork.org/foi/

NFOIC FOI Advocate blog                 http://foiadvocate.blogspot.com/

Reporters Committee                          http://www.rcfp.org

News Media and the Law                    http://www.rcfp.org/news/mag/index.php

Free Government Info                         http://www.freegovinfo.info

Associated Press FOI news                http://www.ap.org/FOI/foi_apnews.html

The FOIA blog (Scott Hodes)            http://thefoiablog.typepad.com/

State Sunshine                                         http://openrecords.wordpress.com

UK Freedom of Information              http://foia.blogspot.com/index.html

Open Secrets (UK)                                  http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/opensecrets/

Open and Shut (Australia)                   http://www.foi-privacy.blogspot.com/

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