Request letters

  • Federal appeal forms
    Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press online appeal form for federal FOIA request denials

3 Responses

  1. In 2008 I initiated a FOIA Request from CIA referencing work that I had done with subcontractors in Japan from 1986-1991. The request was denied because I had to provide them with the names of the subcontractors. After researching the eight subcontractors relevant information for two years, I finally sent another request to the Agency on 11/10/2010, including the names of the subcontractors and their addresses. Due to the original request being made in 2008, does the 20 day rule still apply? In addition, is there a statute of limitations for back salary and pension payments from subcontractors working for Federal Agencies that has been addressed by the courts?

  2. When I file a court complaint about a denial of a FOIA Request, what documents are needed and what forms are required to be completed? Is it appropriate to notify a newspaper journalist of the date and time of the filing?

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