Save This For the Next Times Someone Argues Against Making Autopsy Reports Public…

It’s sometimes ghastly, but the public needs access because stuff like this can happen, and does:

Detroit police and EMS workers said Leslie Brooks died of natural causes during the weekend. But when his body arrived at a funeral home, the mortician saw it differently.

As she prepared to embalm the 59-year-old Brooks on Saturday morning, mortician Gail Washington peered at a small burned area on his skin, right above his heart. Her assistants had pointed it out, and Washington now agreed: This was no natural death.

Brooks had a small-caliber gunshot wound in his chest. And now Detroit police are scrambling to figure out what happened.

That may be tough, since their initial determination ruined a possible crime scene in the east-side basement where Brooks was found. Police technicians did not scour the room or take photos until later. There was no immediate preservation of possible clues. Visitors tracked in and out. His family took Brooks’ cell phone. And, unless this was a suicide, a killer had precious hours to elude capture.

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A Nice FOI-Driven Idea: The Mayor’s Calendar

Here is a great FOI idea — and one that found a mayor doing pretty much what he is SUPPOSED to be doing!

Mayor Dave Bing took office pledging substance over style, saying he prefers “hard work behind the scenes” and that he won’t “showboat.”

His 2010 official calendar shows that, halfway through his term, Bing is sticking to the approach. The Detroit News used the Freedom of Information Act to obtain the schedule — the most detailed portrait yet of Bing’s governing style.

From The Detroit News: