FERPA interpretations differ from school to school…

A Mizzou J-Schooler, Allison Prang, did a fine job on the subject of FERPA inconsistencies, in a piece for the Kansas City Star.

Her lede:

If you’re a student at a Kansas college or university, you don’t need to worry about your school giving your contact information to companies that want to sell you their products or services.

It’s illegal.

But if you’re a student at a college or university in Missouri, you just might need to be concerned.

Companies and outside organizations frequently request broad lists of directory information from schools

In Missouri there are no prohibitions against using it for marketing aimed at students. Companies and organizations that ask for the information include test preparation, graduation announcement and textbook businesses.

In Kansas, though directory information is still considered a public record, the state Open Records Acts bars people from using it for solicitations.