Here is a great idea: rate your state’s FOI proposals!

Now this is clever:

A coalition of news organizations from across Utah has created a new system to rank legislation dealing with the state’s open records law.

The Utah Media Coalition’s rating system will let the public and lawmakers know how it views proposed changes to the Government Records Access and Management Act, or GRAMA, Provo’s Daily Herald and the Salt Lake Tribune reported.

The system will rank proposed changes in three categories: a “bright light” for legislation that is good for open government, a “pale light” for legislation that is neutral, and “lights out” for legislation that would harm open government access.

The new GRAMA WATCH program follows a public outcry last year when lawmakers rewrote Utah’s records law to protect text messages, instance messages and video chat from public release. Gov. Gary Herbert called lawmakers back into session to repeal HB477.

“I think after the HB477 fiasco, the public and media need to do a better job watching the legislative process,” said Joel Campbell of the media coalition. “We will be rolling out a rating whenever we identify a bill that deals with GRAMA. We feel this will keep the public involved in the process.”