Every Quote by the Citizens in This Story Should be Bronzed…

Who makes the majority of FOI requests? People like these:

The Iowa Supreme Court this month will review an open-records case involving Riverdale residentsAllen DiercksMarie Randol and Tammie Picton, who for the past eight years have repeatedly fought their city for access to government records and meetings.

The trio of residents has sued the city three times, while the city has taken the residents to court at least four times — all in the name of open records and whether certain information should be made public.

“Riverdale has been kind of a lightning rod for this,” said Davenport attorney Michael Motto, who represents the City of Riverdale in the Supreme Court case. “They want to do the right thing.”
And again later:
“It was becoming a knock-down, drag-out, so the only option we had was to sue,” Randol said. “Lawsuits in this state are costly and not everybody can do it. It’s up to the private individual to come up with the funds to sue. And that’s downright ridiculous.”
Diercks questioned why residents have to uphold Iowa’s open records and meetings law on their own. He said trying to fight for public records is “horrible” and urged the creation of a new entity that isn’t politically involved to intervene and enforce the law.
“Here’s why I wanted budgets and things: …the city has increased my property taxes 109 percent in one year,” Diercks said. “As a private citizen, you’ve got to keep tabs on these things.”
Amen, brother. Amen.