Illinois Poised to Hide Gun Registry

Hiding the identity of gun owners is always a political hot potato, as elected officials shrink from the ire of those who argue that there is a privacy right buried somewhere in the Second Amendment. I think there is a legitimate debate to be had here, but unfortunately, it seldom happens as few in position to pass legislation seem eager to challenge the many untested assumptions of harm inherent in the arguments of those seeking secrecy.

Gun owners in Illinois could have their identities shielded from public disclosure under legislation that passed the House Friday.

Attorney General Lisa Madigan has contended lists of gun owners who have Firearm Owner Identification cards should be retrievable under the state’s Freedom of Information Act.

Legislation sponsored by Rep. Richard Morthland (R-Cordova) would amount to an end-run around Madigan. Morthland’s bill passed the House 98-12 and now moves to the Senate.

“I appreciate the work of the attorney general,” Morthland said. “But there is a pressing need to keep this information private. It would create a situation where there’d be increased possibility for gun violence in the State of Illinois should this not pass.”

I’m still waiting for the first real example of the rocket scientist criminals supposedly scouring public records looking for houses to raid based on gun ownership.



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