Nevada Poll Shows Strong Support for Open Government

There’s strong support among Nevada political candidates to require regular reporting by lobbyists of how much they spend wining, dining and schmoozing state lawmakers, according to a new survey released Wednesday.

The survey conducted by the Nevada Policy Research Institute and the Nevada Press Association also found that many favor penalties for public record law violations and making the Legislature subject to Nevada’s open meeting law.

It also asked if the public should be given 72 hours to review a bill before a vote is taken; if local government union negotiations should be conducted under the open meeting law; and whether the respondent would sponsor legislation dealing with any of those issues.

“Nevada’s citizens have a fundamental right to know how their government is operating and how their elected officials are spending money,” Andy Matthews, NPRI president, said. “Nevadans from across the political spectrum are demanding more transparency from their state and local governments, and this survey is a chance for citizens to examine the beliefs of those who are _ and those who want to be _ elected officials.”