Nice FOI-driven sports story…Tennessee’s AD Gets Peppered by Donor E-Mails…

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Note to journalists everywhere: sometimes you don’t need names to tell a great FOI tale….

A six-figure University of Tennessee donor called the school’s chancellor an “attack gator” because of his ties to the University of Florida and another called its athletic director “self-serving” and “inept.”

Those comments were among more than a dozen email messages received by university administrators from high-level donors that contained name-calling and threats to pull donations in the run-up to the March 21 firing of former men’s basketball coach Bruce Pearl over NCAA rules violations.

One donor sent a one-line email from his iPhone to Mike Hamilton the day after the athletic director hinted at a coaching change during a March 16 radio interview: “What the hell were you thinking?”

“Bad decision,” Hamilton replied. “Previously scheduled interview on different topics, should have canceled.”

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A Nice Use of FOIA in Sports Reporting

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Looks like the University of Tennessee tried to get out in front of a budding scandal:

Documents obtained by via a Freedom of Information Act request show that the University of Tennessee self-reported several NCAA violations involving its men’s basketball team, including nearly 100 impermissible phone calls to various recruits.

The violations, which cover a period of two years, were discovered after the university submitted phone records to the NCAA basketball focus group at the group’s request and involved 10 different recruits.

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